26 cows die in Netrokona after eating grass

Bonik Barta Correspondent, Netrokona

Photo: Collected

Twenty six cows have died and many others got sick after eating grass at a farm in Purbadhala upazila of Netrokona district.  

According to locals, Zahirul Islam, the owner of Tahajid Agro Farm, reared more than 50 cows to sell before Eid-ul-Azha. The animals are given the grass that is cultivated adjacent to the farm. Many of the cows suddenly fell ill.

After eating grass, quite a few cows got sick on Saturday evening, Zahirul Islam said.

Subsequently, 26 cows died on Monday and Tuesday, and 15-20 others got sick.

Purbadhala Upazila Livestock Officer Dr MMA Awal Talukder said the nitrogen level in the grass gets high when it rains. It is assumed that those cows died from nitrate poisoning. Grass samples have already been collected by the Department of Livestock Services. Details will be known after necessary testing. Medical teams are working at field level. Other farm owners are being cautioned.

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