4 weeks status quo, the circular of canceling the FF quota is upheld

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The Appellate Division of the High Court has issued a status quo for four weeks on the decision to declare illegal the abolishment of the Freedom Fighter quota in the first and second-class government jobs.

The next hearing on this matter is scheduled for August 7.

On Wednesday (July 10), a five-member appellate bench led by Chief Justice Obaidul Hassan issued the order. Lawyers have stated that the government's circular issued in 2018 abolishing the freedom fighter quota remains effective.

On October 4, 2018, the Secretary of Public Administration issued a circular abolishing the quota system for direct recruitment in the 9th grade (previously first class) and 10th to 13th grades (previously second class). The circular stated, "The quota system for direct recruitment in grades 9 (previous first class) and 10 to 13 (previous second class) is abolished. Recruitment will now be based on merit."

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